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Ok, because you are reading my blog, you are the absolute first group to hear this information-hot off the press!

Are you interested in 10-days of pure Italian bliss, traveling through scenic rolling hills in the Tuscany and Chianti Regions, visiting castle and family-owned wineries, participating in a hands-on cooking class taught by an Italian grandpa, indulging in delicious Italian food, touring some of the most historic cities in the world, and enhancing your creative mind with classes in photography, scrapbooking and journaling? If so, have we got the trip for you! Join scrapbooking celebrity Ali Edwards and yours truly on this unbelievable, once in a lifetime tour in the fall of 2011.


We’ll even offer you a three-day tour in the eternal city of Rome if you would like to extend your stay. If you are interested in going on this unbelievable trip, please contact Jaci at ScrapMap today, and we will add your name to the list to be the first to receive the information before it is publically announced to the rest of the scrapbooking community. You will be eligible to sign up and join us before anyone else!

Space is limited and based on first come-first served.

Can you even imagine how much fun this tour is going to be?!!!!

33 Responses to “ALI EDWARDS Tuscany Tour!!!!!!”

  1. Wow! Wish I had the money!!


  2. That would be amazing!

    Kristin R

  3. we have a monthly payment plan and the tour won’t leave for two years from now! EVERYONE CAN AFFORD THIS ONE!!! :)


  4. wow! wish i had the money too! this would totally be AMAZING!

    Kristen Mae

  5. Jaci hey could give me more information about travel
    ALI EDWARDS Tuscany Tour !!!!!! tour in the fall of 2011
    please wait your information, my name is Gracy and I’m from mexico


  6. Yes, I am seriously very much interested. Ali has inspired me for nearly 2 years and Italy is my travel destination at some point in my life. What a perfect combination. Please include me in information as it becomes available. 2 years to save….this can be done! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to!!!


  7. Sure, why not? If you think it, dream it, it’ll happen!


  8. Please add me to the list — this sounds like an amazing opportunity!!! I’m a huge fan of Ali’s and I’ve always wanted to see Italy!


  9. Oh yes, yes, yes!

    Libbi Moore

  10. oh yes, yes, yes. i would love to go. please send me more information.

    libbi moore

  11. More info, please! Yay!!

    Elizabeth Rosemond

  12. This would me a dream come true. Although I doubt it will be in my budget, can you please send me the information?

    Thanks so much!


  13. Wow I’d love to know more. Thanks.

    Angela Butler

  14. I am very interested…please send me soem info too :-)


  15. Italy and Ali — what an awesome thing! Include me in on the info, please!


  16. sounds like an amazing trip, please send me the info.

    kismet art

  17. I’d love to go! 2 years to save… seems do-able! I’ll email to get on the list for more info!


  18. Oh, Please add me to the list. Do we have to email someone?

    Lauren Hershey

  19. Please add me to the list! Sounds incredible!


  20. What a great combination, Ali & Italy. I dream of seeing Italy before I leave this world and to combine one of my favorite activites while there-how great. Would love to receive more info regarding this pkg

    Janet McKinney

  21. Add me to the list, too! :)


  22. Hello Jaci… please add me to the list. I am on my cruise countdown w/Tim Holtz..but I will need a new countdown after I finish that. Yeaaaah… I love Ali and her blog and her talent.

    nancy faith

  23. Please add me to the list. It would be unbelieveable!!

    Michelle Botterman

  24. I would love more information on this when it becomes available. Thanks

    Tiffaney Frost

  25. I, too, would love more information on this event if it available. My two passions together!! Italy and Scrapbooking. Pure bliss :)

    Christine Kowal

  26. I would love some information! This sounds like an amazing trip, please send me info as soon as its available, I would love to see if I’d be able to go!

    Meghan Baldwin

  27. Who knows maybe by then I will have hit the powerball. If not I can always dream :)


  28. I’d love information about this trip please.

    Valarie Dennis

  29. I’d love some info… Italy is my favorite place on this planet!

    Dyana Bryce

  30. I would love to have more information about this trip….


  31. Definitely interested. More info please!


  32. More info for me too please!


  33. Por favor envieme mas informacion sobre los viajes, gracias


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