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Originally Margie Romney was going to be going to South America with us, (see previous blog entry) but now that Margie has launched a brand new company of her own and we are putting together a really exciting winter getaway cruise for her, as she LAUNCHES her company, we have invited renowed photography guru KAREN RUSSELL to step in and be our celebrity hostess on this expedition.

There are actually three fascets to South America. The first is the Amazon Jungle!! How cool to stay in a four-star lodge in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest for three nights, totally isolated from the rest of the world, and each day going out on incredible excursions. The second portion of the expedition is traveling to incredible Machu Picchu. This ancient lost city, high atop the highest mountains in South America, will be one of the most extraordinary events of your life. We will stay in a very deluxe hotel called the Inkaterra, and all the best ammenities that a five star hotel can offer, will be offered to us.

Finally, the third remarkable part about this expedition is a cruise around the Galapagos Islands. This tour is an add-on tour, and includes sailing on a five star cruise ship, and each day, visiting two different islands, one in the morning and one the afternoon.

Karen will provide for the group a one of a kind photography class in Miami for a full day, prior to the group leaving on this expedition. This class is included in the cost of the package.

Just to let you know, Karen teaches her photography class online, and there are 700+ people waiting to take this course with her. So having this full day class included is really something special.

We are only taking 20 people on this expedition, so if you have any desire to travel to one of the most unique, fascinating and without doubt extraordinary destinations in the world, be sure to sign up today!

By the way, we will be announcing Margie’s cruise in the next week, so be watching for that!

God Bless!


  1. This looks AMAZING!!! If for some reason I’m not back in school during this time, I’m so in!

    Gwen L.

  2. I want more info please!

    isabelle Messier

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